Monday, April 2, 2012

Death of a Cozy Writer

Am so enjoying my first library e-book, Death of a Cozy Writer by G.M.Malliet. The writing is witty, the characters, once I got them straight in my mind, are developed (as book critics say), and there have already been two murders.

Detective Chief Inspector St. Just and his sergeant named Fear are on the trail or trails. The coroner's name is Malenfant. I love that. The cozy writer is a manipulative creep and his four adult children have issues as you can well imagine. The mother, who left the family, or as she would say escaped, when her youngest was two has a bit of a drinking habit. There are lots of suspects.

I may have to pick up my pace as the book will disappear from my Nook in about another week. No chance to think, 'Oh, well, I will finish it and just pay the fine.' Nope. The library snatches it back. And I got a notice today that another e-book is on hold for me and I have 72 hours to download it or it too will disappear.

The pressure is on.

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