Sunday, December 2, 2012

Non nobis, domine

The real King Henry V
I did finish watching the movie Henry V. The battle scenes were so very, very intense that I turned the sound off and waited for them to be over. Even in the midst of the horrors of the English and French counting and carrying their dead, the soundtrack managed to glorify the fighting by playing Non nobis, domine which is quite stirring. It is performed by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

(You can listen to it here (Non nobis, domine) if you are interested.)

The final act of the play has Henry flirting with Catherine, the daughter of the French king, and proposing to her. It is an odd juxtaposition to the muddy clashes on the battlefield. 

In real life, they do in fact get married and have a child who becomes king upon his father's unexpected death at age 35. This leads to Shakepeare's play Henry VI. 

There is also a 1944 film version starring Laurence Olivier but I think I will stick with The Bard's comedies.

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