Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Coincidence at the Coffee Shop

Movie Poster for All the King's Men
How's this for a coincidence: This afternoon I had a rendezvous with a woman to discuss some business at a coffee shop. I had not met her before and when she asked me how my day had been, I told her I spent the morning reading Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men.

She looked shocked, then smiled and said, "That is one of my top ten favorite books ever."

Then it was my turn to look shocked. I don't think I have ever met anyone who has read it.

She loves it for the political intrigue. I love it for the writing. And the intrigue...which we agreed was so very current even though the book was published over 60 years ago. Some things just never change. I explained to her a bit about the Grand Southern Literary Tour and how I even came to buy the book.

When we finished our business, she insisted that when I got to the end of the story to be sure and call her and we could meet again and talk about it.

Which is just what I will do.

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