Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Hundred Acre Wood

In which Winne-the-Pooh impersonates a storm cloud to trick some bees
Ernest H. Shepard
I spent the morning in the Hundred Acre Wood with Winnie-the-Pooh and compatriots Piglet, Rabbit, Eyeore, Owl, Kanga and Little Roo. What fun we had when Christopher Robin led us on an Expedition to find the North Pole. And we celebrated Eyeore's birthday, pulled Pooh out of the rabbit's hole when he got stuck, set a trap for a Heffalump, pretended to be a storm cloud to trick the bees into giving up some honey, and most helpful of all, we found Eyeore's tail.

I am talking of course of the wonderful escapades of A.A.Milne's creatures who live in The Forest. Nothing really bad happens that can't be set right by Christopher Robin. And in time of troubles it is best to hum a little tune of your own creation.

There are probably lessons of tolerance to be learned when Kanga and Little Roo come to the wood and no one knows how they got there. "The Usual Way," is CR's explanation although no one knows exactly what that means. The gang kidnaps Little Roo in hopes that Kanga will decided the wood is not a good home, but as usual plans go awry and everyone becomes friends in the end. And Piglet gets a bath.

But that is not the point of these delightful stories. At least I hope not. There is too much enjoyment and laughter to be had to be thinking about Serious Meanings. What good companions these inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood turned out to be on a Saturday morning.

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