Friday, January 11, 2013

Blandings Castle is Coming...Eventually

As I sit here enjoying an afternoon cup of English tea and snacking on cheese straws (a Southern delicacy), I want to tell all the P.G. Wodehouse fans that the BBC has begun a six-part series based on the Blandings Castle escapades of befuddled Lord Emsworth; Empress of Blandings, his prize-winning pig; and, Lady Constance, his stern sister.

Timothy Spall plays Lord Emsworth and Jennifer Saunders plays Lady Constance. I don't know who plays the pig.

Mr. Wodehouse is one of my favorite authors and I especially delight in his Blandings Castle books and short stories.

The other day when I discovered this piece of joy, I found a promo clip on the BBC website but now it has disappeared. I wonder why?

Anyway, eventually this show will make its way over to us in America and I will be able to enjoy my tea in the gardens of Blandings. In the meantime, I just may have to re-read the books. 


  1. How funny that a US blog is the one to tell me about this! I don't have a TV, sadly, but I shall hunt it out on iPlayer.... It sounds like a fabulous cast, and your line about the pig cracked me up ;)

    1. Well, Simon, I don't have a TV either so will have to wait until 'Blandings' comes out on DVD and I can watch it on my computer. Believe me I learn more about what is going on over here from British newspapers and blogs than I do American.

      I hope you find Lord Emsworth and crew. You will have to let me know if it was worth the search.