Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Gas Men Cometh

Photo Source: Domestically Speaking
I did a little housekeeping today. I gathered up all the stray books that were lying about and put them on the bookshelves. Some I had read, some had bookmarks sticking out between the pages, and others had been pulled off the shelf for no apparent reason. Perhaps I had referred to one or two for mention here.

I also cleared off my desk putting away pens, paper clips, rubber bands, letters, postcards, and random receipts.

Anyway, as summer quickly approaches (it is already 82 degrees and muggy here), I want the surfaces clear. I think it makes the house look cool and shiny.

This little flurry of activity was brought on by the invasion of the Gas Men in my neighborhood.  Gas lines are being replaced and for days platoons of fellows in yellow hard hats have been wandering up and down my street and digging holes in my yard. There is a generator humming along in front of my neighbor's house. Every now and then a big backhoe smashes through the street's asphalt. To add to the mix, my plumber has arrived to replace antique lines (which I was told were leaking) in my cellar.

There goes the book budget for the entire year...maybe the decade!

Since there is so much commotion and noise, I thought a spot of straightening might soothe the nerves.

Plus, I do like a tidy home, don't you.


  1. I guess I need a gas man...or a plumber. Our house does need a good cleaning. Retired husband did a few things this rainy day but he never notices dust and other little things!

    Joyce in KS

    1. Well, Joyce, the Gas Men would certainly stir up a lot of dust for your husband not to notice! Their little excursion into my neighborhood has cost me and my neighbors a lot of money! Although we aren't paying for the gas lines, the plumbing bills are outrageous.

  2. I do like a tidy home, Belle, and should be doing the same here, starting with me desk. Ouch, to the plumber! We are till on a well and dread the eventual cost of bringing water from the street to house.

    1. Oh those utilities! So convenient yet so expensive when something goes wrong.