Thursday, January 16, 2014

Time in a Book

I recently added my email address to Belle, Book, and Candle and almost immediately received an inquiry about a new book published by Bo Tree Books. I normally don't read new fiction (unless there is a fairly bloodless murder or comic mayhem involved), but the idea behind Once Upon A Timepiece intrigued me.

I have a fascination with watches and clocks and even sundials. The thread that connects these twelve stories by Starr Wood has to do with a wristwatch and the different lives that this one timepiece touches. 

While I do not want to get involved with receiving books for review, I responded that I would be happy to give Mr. Wood's book some time. It arrived in yesterday's post.

I like the premise of this book and the fact that the author is a British journalist who worked in London. He now lives in Singapore and this is his first book. 

I look forward to reading Once Upon a Timepiece and will give a full report soon.

By the way, I looked up 'bo tree' and discovered that it is also known as the bodhi tree. It was under such a tree that the Buddah received enlightenment. 


  1. You haven't posted for a while. I hope you're taking a break and not ill. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks, Joan. Am bouncing back from viruses and such. I appreciate your kind thoughts.