Friday, May 4, 2012

April Recap

Reclining Woman Reading
Femme Couchee Lisant
Pablo Picasso

Books read: 4
Books bought: I haven't yet counted books purchased on the trip but I am guessing 15
Books returned to the library unread: 1
Still reading: Loose Diamonds by Amy Ephron
Authors met:
Living - 0 
Dead - Faulkner, Welty, Foote, and Warren
Dipped into: Short stories by Faulkner and Welty
Grand Southern Literary Tours: 1

A short list of books read this month. Of those four, two were my own, and two were e-books, one of which I checked out from the library. The other, The Enchanted April, I downloaded for free from Gutenburg Project. The short stories I also read in e-book format that I checked out from the library.

 Of course, I spent many hours reading in preparation for the GSLT.

Now that I am home, I realize I don't have much empty shelf space for the new purchases. Sigh. A never ending battle for a booklover.

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