Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Garden Stroll

I came across this garden meme on Cornflower's blog. She posted it in celebration of the Chelsea Flower Show. This is my first meme. What fun.

Early this morning during my stay at A Writer's House in Wales, I stepped out into the garden after Breakfast with Socrates and marveled at the Millions of sunlight sparkles in the water in the fountain. They reminded me of Loose Diamonds.

My visit to the house was A Lighthearted Quest along with visits to 18 Bookshops during the month of The Enchanted April. The garden fountain was Framed by rose bushes with blooms of pink, yellow, and white. They reminded me of the gardens I had seen on my many wonderful Journeys in Bella Tuscany.

At that moment, Mr. g, having finished his morning meal that consisted of a Balzac's Omelette and kippers, joined me in the garden and we began to deadhead the geraniums growing along the path. We came across a small wren that had been Killed at the Whim of a Hat by some neighborhood cat, I suppose.

That put me in a thoughtful mood as I pondered that poor little bird's Appointment with Death.

“I like Living Alone,” I told him, thinking of the choices I have made. “It is all part of my Happiness Project.”

He agreed that such decisions were all part of The Greater Journey. As we continued to enjoy our early morning stroll in the garden, I made a promise to remember the State of Wonder and contentment I felt at this moment.


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    1. Thanks Cornflower. I too would love to attend the Chelsea Flower Show. We don't hear much about it here in The Colonies. :)