Sunday, July 8, 2012

Paris is Everywhere and That is a Good Thing

King Louis XVI of France

It seems I couldn't get away from Paris if I wanted to. I am reading Eye of the God by Ariel Allison on my Nook. It is a mystery about the theft of the Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian. All of a sudden, voilà, all the action is taking place in Paris. Not only modern day, but also in the days of the French Revolution and the beheading of King Louis. He owned the big blue diamond which came with a curse. I guess you could count losing your country and your head as a cursed thing.

Have been bebopping around other Paris in July blogging sites and have discovered a book that I just put on my library reserve list.  Paris in Love is a memoir about packing up and moving to Paris with her family by Eloisa James. Kelly wrote about it here. It looks to be fun. I am a sucker for Real Life adventures in Paris.


  1. I love it when a book unexpectedly whisks you off to Paris! Always a good thing.

  2. Hi Louise,
    I might not have paid any attention to the Paris interlude except for Paris in July. Now it seems as if the city pops up all over the place.