Monday, July 16, 2012

Paris, the movie

Romaine Duris and Juliette Binoche star in Paris
Here I sit in a café composing this post. I felt it might be fun to do so. Something different.

I have a report to make on Paris, the movie.

If you want a quick trip to the City of Light, this movie has wonderful scenes of the city - the streets, the cafés, the people, the traffic, the famous and familiar landmarks. Basically the story is of Pierre, a dancer, who is told he needs to have a heart transplant. His sister, the as always lovely Juliette Binoche, comes to stay with and take of him bringing along her three children.

The brother has a spectacular apartment on the top floor with balconies overlooking a busy street. The story follows a couple the of residents of the street and their lives: a young student and her affair with her professor; the men who work the street market near the apartment, the particular (and peculiar) owner of the boulangerie and her troubles hiring a clerk.

It is sort of an city-expanded Rear Window with no murder.

It is all very French. There is much kissing, there is mournful music, there is existential angst that the French do so well.

But of course the real star of the movie is Paris herself. It might be worth a second look without the English subtitles, just the sounds and sights en français.

A very suitable movie for Paris in July.

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