Monday, October 22, 2012

Joe Queenan and Camille Paglia

While I was looking up an article in the Wall Street Journal on Oxford, Mississippi that a friend had recommended, I discovered an essay by Joe Queenan, My 6,128 Favorite Books. I had to read it pretty quickly and was delighted to find it online so I can re-read it and again laugh and nod my head in agreement.

I am also delighted to provide the link to it. I do hope you will find it entertaining.

On another note, tonight at the library is an author event with Camille Paglia. Her latest book, and the one she will be discussing, is Glittering Images.

According to the library website, in this book "she tackles the great themes of Western art through more than two dozen notable images taking us on a 'Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars.'"

Ms. Paglia is a bit of a provocateur, so the evening should be interesting. I will take notes and let you know.

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