Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book Events

There are some bookish events coming up soon that might be worth checking out.

On Saturday there is a Writers Block Festival with workshops and discussion panels. The workshops don't interest me, but one of the panels is going to be on blogging. I might check that out.

This is the second year for this event which is held in an up-and-coming retail/restaurant/gallery neighborhood.

In November, the Kentucky Book Festival will be held in Frankfort. I have attended this a few times and have always enjoyed the trip. It is held indoors and is not too overwhelming. It is nice to see all the Kentucky writers.

On a different note, I started John Grisham's Calico Joe. By page 20 I could see where it was going...maybe. There is some fun baseball history and the names of famous and familiar players are scattered throughout. I hope it doesn't disintegrate into a sad story. Alas, I fear it will. 

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