Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Murder Will Out

P.D. James
author of fourteen
Adam Dagliesh mysteries
The Murder Room took its time getting to the solution of the crime or I should say crimes. But then getting to the denouement
with author P.D. James is a nice way to spend a couple of evenings. 

Ms. James likes to give detailed backstories to her characters and she does a bit of social philosophizing now and again. Well, all that takes time. 

Briefly, this murder mystery concerns the death by fire of psychiatrist Dr. Neville Dupayne. He and his brother and sister are the owners of a London museum dedicated to the decades between WWI and WWII. The museum was founded by their father and left in trust to them upon his (natural) death. Now, the lease is up on the building which houses memorabilia, paintings, and books from that period. There is also The Murder Room where weapons and photos and newspaper clippings of famous murders during that time are displayed. Dr. Dupayne doesn't want to renew the lease but his siblings do and it takes all three to agree in order for the museum to continue to remain open.

Enter murder, another murder, and then a third. Commander Adam Dalgliesh and his crew plod along interviewing suspects, discussing the case, and following false leads. It appears that the killer has been inspired by the real-life crimes from the museum's Murder Room. 

To complicate things even more, AD (as he is referred to by his team) is a bit distracted during the investigation of the case by his feelings for Emma, a professor at Cambridge. Emma is someone he met in Death in Holy Orders.

The police and even a few of the suspects figured out who the murderer was way before I did. Murder will out and, apparently for AD, so will love.

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