Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Summer Garden Meme

Thanks to Cornflower for this fun meme. In using titles of some of the books I have read this year, I took much literary license with her original but the gardening theme is still intact.

Early this morning, at The Summer Half, I stepped out of Crampton Hodnet into the garden and began Counting My Chickens.
As dawn broke, I noticed The Clothes They Stood Up In were still drying on the line. The Honeybee was buzzing and The Fugitive Pigeon was singing out A Glass of Blessings and my feelings of Help! Thanks! Wow! were strong.
Later, as the day grew warmer, I tried weeding with A Blunt Instrument. Suddenly, I felt a wave of self-pity and cried to the Universe 'Why Me?' A Fer-de-Lance slithered across the flower bed at my feet, and I thought to myself, 'Well, Nobody's Perfect.'
I continued with my garden work knowing that Things That Are just are. Learning How to Live is complicated, as is gardening, but sometimes answers can be found amongst the beauty in Mother Nature.
Encouraged, I decided to practice The Art of the Handwritten Note and send for another gardening catalog to order more colorful posies from The Brothers of Baker Street.
In the evening, I turned West With the Night and vowed to forget about this day's August Folly. I promised myself that I would continue with my planting, weeding and Good Behavior.


  1. Clever!

    Joyce F

    1. Thanks, Joyce. I guess I should have mentioned that the titles in bold are books I have read this year...

  2. Wonderful to see your past reads played out in such a delightful way, Belle.

    1. Thanks Penny. Difficult but fun to do.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the idea, Cornflower.