Wednesday, May 15, 2013

And the winners are...

The winners of my Whoopee! 500 Posts Book Giveaway are:

Fiction - Joyce F in KS


Non-fiction - Tullik

If you will email me at bellebookandcandle[at]hotmail[dot]com I will give you each a couple of options of books to choose from. 

Congratulations and thanks for participating. I look forward to hearing from you both. 

And the books go on...

I am enjoying reading Bitter Lemons by Lawrence Durrell which tells of his time spent living in Cyprus during the 1950s. He writes of the political goings on between the British, Turks, Greeks, and Cypriots over the governing of the island. He tells the very funny story of the overly dramatic negotiations that took place in the purchasing of his small house in the village of Bellapaix. And, there are many conversations recorded that occurred over wine and black coffee (especially wine) in caf├ęs, in offices, and around kitchen tables.

While living in Cyprus, Durrell taught English literature at a school in the capital, Nicosia, and then worked in the press relations department for the British who governed Cyprus at the time. 

His prose is quite lyrical and descriptive. Even though I get lost in the political machinations of fifty some years ago, the book is still lovely to read.