Tuesday, March 20, 2012

L'incantevole aprile

Returned two mysteries to the library that just wouldn't do. One was too dark and one was too annoying. The author of the second one had the narrator cutting off pronouns at the beginning of sentences. For example "Must talk to grandmere about this." or "Can't let Claude know about that." or "Am confused." She wasn't the only one.

It was disorienting because she didn't do this all the time, but often enough that it sort of jolted me. Sometimes I couldn't figure out if she was talking to herself or if someone was talking to her. It would have been all right if these were journal entries... Anyway, I let Murder on the Riviera go.

Finished Under the Tuscan Sun. I very much enjoyed Mayes's writing style. It was a bonus that I had been to Cortona, the town in Tuscany that she calls home, and that I had some recent experience with contractors having just gone through a remodel of my own. Of course, I didn't have to contend with a language barrier, but I could identify with workers not showing up and unsuspected complications with the project. This is the second book I have read this year about house restorations in foreign countries. Do I see a pattern? Maybe I just love reading how others have dealt with their projects. And the distant locales add to the fun.

Started The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Van Arnim on my Nook Color. I am enchanted. I am enamored of Lady Caroline, such a beauty, who just wants to be left alone. And surprises herself discovering that she just wants to think. And then Mrs. Fisher who wants to be left alone with her memories. Lotty who knows they are all in heaven and only good things will come of it. And dear Rose who is so unhappy and would so like her husband to love her.

Things are going to change, I am sure. I have seen the movie but reading the story goes much deeper into each character's thoughts and motivations. And then of course there is the fact that the four women are in Italy. Sigh.

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