Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Woman's Home is Her Castle

Well, this has been an exciting day. My remodeled house is featured in the spring edition of Today's Transitions magazine which has hit the stands. I got a call early this morning from the woman who styled my bookshelves telling me how great the article was and how wonderful the pictures looked. Of course I ran out and secured copies to send to my 200 closest friends.

This remodel took five months - from January through May of last year. Every surface in the house was changed. I lived on a farm while the work was being completed with a friend, her husband, two teenage boys, three sheep, eight chickens, two goats, three cats, and Max, the labrador retriever. My own version of The Egg and I.   If you get a chance, do read that book by Betty McDonald. It is a hilarious memoir of living on a chicken ranch in the late 1920s in Washington state. My stay on the farm wasn't quite that rustic, but that is a story for another day.

It seems spring will be over before March 21 when it should really be starting. All the trees and flowers here are in bloom already and will soon be fading.

But I will have my books and pitchers of iced tea to see me through the hot summer days.

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