Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Recap

Woman Reading in a Study
Mary Ferris Kelly
Books read: 9
Books bought: 4 - Honky Tonk Kat by Karen Kijewski and Cannery Row by John Steinbeck (from the library sale table); Paris Was Ours edited by Penelope Rowland; and, another mystery for my collection by Georgette Heyer, Duplicate Death.
Books returned to the library unread: 3
Books begun and still reading:  3 - Every Day in Tuscany. Death of a Cozy Writer, and Paris Was Ours
Authors met: 0

Of the nine books read this month, two are ones I own. I am trying to read more of my own books this year. I read two books from my shelves in both January and February, so I do seem to be making some progress on that intention.

And, after three months of blogging I think I figured out how to allow comments. I had the settings all wrong and was not getting any comments which didn't surprise me as Belle, Book, and Candle is so new. But a friend told me she tried to leave a comment and couldn't.  So now I think that issue has been fixed. Good grief. Who knew all this blogging would be so complicated.

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