Monday, February 11, 2013

An Irish Library Postcard

Image from Romantic Irish Homes
(Simon Brown)

This is a photo of the very bookish postcard I received today from Danielle at A Work in Progress. We exchanged addresses as part of the Month of Letters project. 

She beat me to the punch as today Danielle is the person at the top of my list to send a letter to. 

The image is from Romantic Irish Homes by Robert Obyrne with photographs by Simon Brown. Unfortunately my library does not carry the book. The hardback edition looks to be pretty pricey but I can pre-order a paperback copy from Amazon for $12.50. I don't think a paperback copy would do credit to the photos though.

So I will be content with my one image from the book. I have it displayed on a small easel on my desk. Lovely. 

Thanks, Danielle.


  1. You are most welcome! :) So happy it arrived safely at its destination. I love sending postcards, so you will likely find another surprise in your mailbox sometime this month! And do you know, I didn't even realize the photo was from a book! Now I am going to have to go look it up and see if my library maybe has it. Did you find a way to hang your postcards up? I've not tried the ribbon method yet, but it is still in the back of my mind.

    1. I haven't given the postcard display another thought...I have been too busy writing letters! Thanks for reminding me. I must say, this one looks very enchanting sitting on the easel. Maybe I will just start a weekly rotation of my collection one postcard at a time displayed in the same way.