Monday, February 25, 2013

What Jeeves and Wooster Have Taught Me

Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry
Bertie Wooster and Jeeves
along with the ubiquitous silver tray.
As a big fan of P.G. Wodehouse, I have been having a great time watching the twenty-three episodes on DVD of Jeeves and Wooster starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. These two actors are priceless and bring much verve and style to Wodehouse's characters of aristocrat Bertie Wooster and his valet, Jeeves.

Here are some things I have learned:

From Jeeves:
1. Serve everything on a silver tray - from a cup of tea to a snifter of brandy.
2. Don't argue with your employer. "Very good sir" goes a long way in keeping the peace.
3. Never stop learning. Jeeves is a big fan of Spinoza and he is a fountain of knowledge on everything from mushrooms to moonshine.
4. When you turn down the bed, a quick smoothing of the sheets and pillow cases with your hand makes for a more restful night. 
5. You get more accomplished if you slow down and make informed decisions. 

From Bertie:
1. Formidable aunts are not to be trifled with.
2. Clever plans will most likely go awry.
3. Staying single and having a valet to care for you is really the best way to live.
4. You can be too good a friend sometimes and get yourself into some very sticky situations trying to help out.
5. Have your morning tea in bed. No need to rush into the day.


  1. Very funny! I've seen a few of the episodes, not many, and I'll have to find more.

    If only I would smooth down those sheets at night.

    I love the Bertie and Jeeves books. I think they're everybody's favorites.

    1. These fellows are brilliant actors. I read somewhere that they didn't really want to take on the roles of Jeeves and Wooster but were afraid anyone else wouldn't be up to snuff. Aren't we lucky! Jeeves can say more with the twitch of an eyebrow...Wonderful stuff, this.

      The entire series is available on DVD for maybe $20-$25.

  2. I absolutely love these and can watch them again and again. They are very much like the books, and I think they were going to play opposite roles but this was the right way.

    Might did my DVDs out now for a weekend of watching

    1. I simply adore these guys. I wish they had made more episodes. And you are right, they can be enjoyed over and over which can't always be said of other shows.

      I find that when many of Wodehouse's characters appear on the screen they are cartoonish portrayals. Lots of mugging and gesturing. Jeeves and Wooster, though, are absolutely real.

      And don't you just love the antics of the Drones Club members that go on in the background. Hilarious!

      Thanks for your response, Jo.