Friday, May 25, 2018

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Yes, I am still here, although nothing going as far as having read any books since my surgery. This is probably the longest stretch in my reading life that I haven't had a book or books in hand.  

Otherwise, my recovery is going well and I appreciate all your well wishes. 

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Although I am not reading anything, I do have my eye on a couple of books. One — and I laugh as I write this — is The Art of the Wasted Day by Patricia Hampl. I most likely could have written a book with this title myself. Anyway, a friend who knows I am taking life slower than usual right now, heard about it on NPR and alerted me to it. My library only has two copies and I am number six on the reserve list for the hardcover book and next up for the ebook. It is noted as 'a spirited inquiry into the lost value of leisure and daydream.' 

Sounds right up my alley.

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The second book is The Rituals of Dinner: The Origins, Evolution, Eccentricities, and Meaning of Table Manners by Margaret Visser. I could kick myself — albeit with my good leg — for missing the deeply discounted sale of the ebook. My parents were both sticklers for table manners and I thought this might prove to be a fun read. It was originally published in 1991 and reissued last year. As my library doesn't have a single copy, I will keep my eye out for it to show up again on the cheap.

Has anyone read either of these books? Should I be looking further afield in search for a book to break my reading fast?

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

In Which I Begin to Slowly Recover

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The Convalescent
Willard Leroy Metcalf

Dear Readers,
Wow! I had no idea it would take me four weeks after surgery to get to the point of being able to think well enough to get back to my computer.

A heartfelt thank you to all for your kind comments and thoughts. 

The surgery went well. It is the aftermath that has been a struggle. Reaction to anesthesia and pain medication knocked me down! My days have been a constant ding-ding of alarms reminding me to take a pill, eat, use ice, hydrate, nap, do exercises, take another pill, and prepare for the physical therapist's visits. 

There is no rest in the rest home!

Unfortunately, I have not been up to even the gentle challenge of reading. Yeah. Things have been that bad. But, I do feel the brain fuzz beginning to clear and wanted to let you know that I was recovering, albeit, slowly.

I was trying to think of a book that would parallel my situation and recalled Adventures in Solitude by David Grayson in which he muses on many subjects while recovering from an illness. I wrote about it and two of his other books on April 23, 2013. Who would have thought that five years later I would be in need of the comfort and companionship of a fellow convalescent.

In the meantime, until I can get my reading legs under me, you can read about that book here: Adventures in Solitude