Grand Southern Literary Tour - 2012

A list of books purchased on the Tour:

Grand Southern Literary Tour Book Bonanza

Links to the day-by-day posts on the Tour:

Day One - Oxford, Mississippi

Day Two - Oxford, Mississippi

Day Three - Jackson, Mississippi

Day Four - Jackson, Mississippi

Day Five - Memphis, Tennessee

Day Six - Memphis, Tennessee

Day Seven - Nashville, Tennessee

Day Eight - Bowling Green, Kentucky

A Few Photos:

Henry, curator of Rockabilly Museum
We discovered this when we stopped for lunch - although not literary we couldn't resist
Jackson, Tenn.

Stars at the Rockabilly Museum
I had to love these bigger than life paintings
Jackson, Tenn.

More stars at the Rockabilly Museum
Jackson, Tenn.

Lovely unidentified flowering bush in William Faulkner's garden
Rowan Oak
Oxford, Miss.

 Cornflowers in Eudora Welty's garden
Jackson, Miss.

Two of Eudora's cornflowers - I adore these
Jackson, Miss.

Sweet peas growing on a fence erected just for the flowers
Eudora Welty's garden
Jackson, Miss.

Shelby Foote's grave marker
Elmwood Cemetery
Memphis, Tenn.

Shelby Foote's home
Memphis, Tenn.

Back gate at Shelby Foote's home
Memphis, Tenn.

A big ol' pile of books at the downtown library
Nashville, Tenn.

Robert Penn Warren's desk and typewriter
Robert Penn Warren Library
Bowling Green, Ky.

Close up of Robert Penn Warren's typewriter
The We Want Willie pin refers to Willie Stark in All the King's Men
I have a stapler exactly like this one
Bowling Green, Ky.

Unidentified object on Warren's desk
Even the librarian didn't know what it was but I thought it was pretty

Sculpture of boy reading to his sister in the town square
This seemed a fitting closure to The Grand Southern Literary Tour
Bowling Green, Ky.

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