Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Personal Library Kit

For all of us old-school librarians!

I have the soul of a librarian. My first job was as a Page in a small branch. I was in high school, worked an afternoon a week, and got paid fifty cents an hour to shelve books.

My mother worked in the local library system for years. Eventually she became head of one of the city's busiest branches - a job she held for over twenty years. On her last day, my father and I picked her up in a limousine and feted her with flowers and champagne.

She was a kind manager but one of her favorite sayings was, "This is not a democracy." That put the kabosh on any dissension concerning policies or duties. Nothing worse than a rebel librarian!

All this leads me to tell you about the perfect birthday gift I received from a friend who knows me, oh, too well. 

The Personal Library Kit is just the thing for those of us who miss the pockets in the back of library books and the stamped date-due cards. Here all in one compact box is a collection of items to make any librarian swoon:

20 self-adhesive pockets
20 checkout cards
Date stamp
Stamp pad
Genuine pencil

All of this old-school paraphernalia will allow me to keep track of books borrowed from my own library. 

My favorite item is the Date Stamp and I can't wait to use it soon.

Would anyone like to borrow a book?  


  1. Oh my goodness I love this post! I seem to have missed it. I would adore a kit like this.

    And what a wonderful story about your mother. I like the whole idea of being a librarian's daughter, though yes, I'm sure it wasn't a democracy.

    I'll bet she was thrilled by the limousine

    1. The library kit is quite the conversation piece. And, I still thrill to see a date due card in the back of a library book. I am not a big fan of the computer-generated, grocery store-type receipt I get nowadays with my library books.

      My mom was a wonderful woman and a conscientious librarian. I am always running into people from the library who knew her or worked for her. It is lovely to hear their kind words about her.

      Actually, I think my dad got the biggest kick out the whole limousine experience!

      Thank you for your comments, Kat.