Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Whoopee! 500 Posts Book Giveaway


My Whoopee! 500 Posts Book Giveaway is today and I am lighting candles and blowing (my own) horns in celebration of making an entry a day on Belle, Book, and Candle for five hundred days in a row since I began on January 1, 2012.

As promised, to thank you all for your continued support and encouragement, if you leave a comment today your name will be put in one of two pots - one pot labeled fiction, one labeled nonfiction - for a chance to win an absolutely free book sent from Me to You wherever you may live in this big, old world of ours.

Tell me in your comment if you would like to win a book of Fiction or Non-FictionYou can enter in both groups but in that case you will have to leave two comments...and you will double your chances (but you can only win a book in one category).

The winner in each category and I will work out later which book of mine might suit his or her reading pleasure. 

I am turning off the spam protector (or whatever it is called) for the day so you won't have to deal with goofy looking letters and numbers to leave a comment. 

So there you have it. Whoopee! What a Day. What a Giveaway.


  1. Well, I've just found your blog in the last couple of weeks (thanks Danielle!) but I am thoroughly enjoying it! We appear to be both of a "Certain Age" and have many author preferences in common. I have read a large chunk of your past posts, and will continue to read both the old ones and your new posts. Congrats on reaching 500 posts! I would like either fiction or non-fiction, but I'll go for the fiction in this post.

  2. I gave my congratulations in my last comment, so I'll make this short: non-fiction would be lovely.

  3. "Chapeau" to you Belle on your excellent eclectic blog, very enjoyable. Please place Moi in the non-fiction basket.

  4. If it were for me, fiction. But let's win this one for my sweetie-pie, who is always looking for non-fiction.
    thx. Marina McIntire

  5. Happy 500th post! I hope you are planning to do at least 500 more. I've really enjoyed visiting and reading your blog. I'm good with either fiction or non-fiction...hmm, if I have to choose, I guess ... fiction? Have a good one!!

  6. Happy 500th post! And here's to many more.

    I went back and read some of the earlier posts and one of these days will go back and read more.

    The flip of the coin is for Fiction.

    Joyce F in KS