Sunday, February 2, 2014

In Which Belle Celebrates Candlelight

I have been re-watching Cranford, that delightful series based on the novels by Mrs. Elizbeth Gaskell. It portrays life in a small village in England in the mid-1800s. The sight of all the ladies enjoying tea and scurrying about their business makes me want to don a lace cap and do my reading and writing by candlelight. 

This would be the day to do it as it is Candlemas, the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It is a festival of light and although I long ago gave away all my wax candles, I do have a fireplace and a couple of faux candles powered by battery.

Those will just have to do.

It is a day of new beginnings - in some traditions it is considered the beginning of spring and is a day when grain-based foods - pancakes and crepes - are to be enjoyed. I am sure that brownies and scones count as well.

It is cloudy and rainy here today and I plan on sitting in front of the fire, doing some reading, and reflecting on the coming year. I will sip my afternoon tea from a fine china cup and use a lace handkerchief in honor of the Ladies of Cranford.


  1. Definitely brownies and scones count! I hope your reading in front of the fire was as delightful as it sounded.

    I loved the video version of Cranford, and plan to read the book this year. With tea and scones, I'm sure. (Whenever I watch a DVD set in England, whether it's a mystery, or Downton Abbey, or Pride & Prejudice, I'm always seized with the desire to drink tea--Early Grey is my favorite.)

    1. Yes, Kathy, Earl Grey is a favorite of mine too. Although when I am reading the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books I find myself sipping on red bush (rooibos) tea as I help Mma Ramotswe solve crimes.

      I am moving on to 'Return to Cranford' next. Mrs. Pole is probably my favorite character. She simply bristles and bustles with gossip. Alas, there are only two episodes in 'Return'.

  2. Every year I tell myself I'm going to remember Candlemas; and every year I forget! It's such a lovely tradition. Oh well...maybe next year. :)

    1. We will both have to mark our calendars, Lark. I had forgotten about the festival myself and just stumbled on it in my reading the morning of. I love any holiday that celebrates light!