Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day Photos: Final Colors of Autumn

Even on a gloomy, misty day, there is beauty to be found.

These photos were taken today, Veteran's Day, at Cave Hill Cemetery. It is an historic place that includes a National Cemetery which honors the military service of the America's veterans.

Every Veteran's Day, a local veteran's group places flags on all graves
at the National Cemetery. An honorable tradition. This section holds 
graves of Civil War soldiers. 

Not sure what kind of trees these are, but the leaves looked like
pieces of gold hanging from the branches.

Close-up of droplets sparkling on the leaves. 
Perhaps someone can identify this tree for me?

This maple, although the photo doesn't capture it, looked as if someone
had plugged it in and flipped the electrical switch. Even under gray skies it was brilliant.

I love that I can see the graceful branching of this stately tree.

I am surprised that so many trees are still hanging on to their leaves.
 But, as I stood and took this picture, they were swirling all 
around me. It was like being in a 'leaf globe'. With rain and cold
coming in this week, I am glad I captured these colors of fall
before they disappear into winter.


  1. Really lovely photos, Belle. Sometimes the softer light of a cloudy or misty day helps to bring out all the rich colors. Hope you are enjoying the fall--we are having wonderful weather and I'm loving every minute of it. Not many colorful trees, though!

    1. Thank you, Kathy. I am so glad I went yesterday. The cemetery is beautiful in all seasons. I am lucky to live so close to it. I will be buried in the family plot there!

  2. A few thoughts: I always think autumn color is more impressive on a grey, slightly wet day. The trees just glow.

    It infuriates me that we have such a thing as Veteran's Day sales. Sacrilegious. Oh, a bunch of people died to keep us free - let's go buy stuff!

    I love the image of a 'leaf globe'. I used to collect snow globes and have one that was a pumpkin with little bats that floated around when I shook it. I'd love to have a 'leaf globe'!

    1. Yes, Joan, the trees were quite brilliant. I am so glad I went and was able to share photos with you all.

      I definitely agree with you about the irritation of tacking a sale onto every holiday. Heaven forbid we should stay at home and reflect on what it is we are honoring or celebrating. I have one nephew currently serving in the Marines and my other nephew was in the Coast Guard, so VDay and Memorial Day are special to me.

      I think snow globes...and bat globes...are such fun to pick up and shake and create a lovely new world. I actually found instructions on making a leaf globe using a mason jar here:


      I may have to try my hand at it.

    2. I might have to try that, too! Thanks for the link.

    3. It looks to be a fun project!