Friday, January 13, 2017

Two More for My Inspiration Bookshelf

I received these two books as gifts over the holidays and I am very happy to add them to my Inspiration Bookshelf.

Urban Watercolor Sketching by Felix Scheinberger

Urban sketching is simply a phrase used to describe drawing on location, indoors or out, whether one is in her hometown or a foreign city, visiting the desert or ocean, or sketching people or pets. It's a way of capturing one's world. Paint what's around you.

There is so much more in this book than just pages of how-to. Oh sure, Mr. Scheinberger, who is an illustrator and designer living in Berlin, offers tips galore but also a bit of philosophy and art history. It is chock full of examples of his own work. It is an entire watercolor course in one place. 

Plus, I love his style: pen and black ink drawings combined with watercolor.

My version of the cover image
 of Urban Watercolor Sketching.


Art Escapes by Dory Kanter

This book can't help but jump start my creative self with demonstrations, page-a-day ideas, and inspirations for artistic journals. Ms. Kanter takes a look at collage, watercolor, doodling, and even combining two paintings with paper weaving. 

Also helpful are her pages on color triads. Who knew color triads had personality? There are the full-spectrum, earth, sun, and water triads. Her explanation of perspective looks valuable. I have difficulty with perspective and shadowing. Must be a math thing. 

She gives careful step-by-step instructions on creating a no-sew, fabric sketchbook portfolio to protect and carry a sketchbook along with the basic supplies one needs for sketchbook, watercolor, and collage tool kits. 

I like her have-fun-and-don't-take-yourself-too-seriously approach. Very encouraging. I am ready to Art On!

Cool effect with paper weaving
from Art Escapes.


  1. Nice additions! I'm especially interested in Art Escapes. Great job on your version of the cover image, too. It might be fun to compare our art libraries sometime, Belle, and share the books we've found most helpful. I have several books on my TBR pile, and one of my goals this year is to read at least a couple of my art/sketching books. They aren't doing me any good just gathering dust in my closet.

  2. Oops, Kathy. Your comment got shuffled out of my inbox for some reason. Anyway, I found it and yes, the Art Escapes book offers some good inspiration. I usually end up just looking at the pictures in some of my instruction books but will actually try to engage with the 'escapes' in this one.

    I find I am missing my watercolors. I have been playing with pen and ink and collage but am wanting to get back to my little pans of paint and water.