Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Appointment with Death

Hercule Poirot? Mais, oui!

Here is Agatha Christie at her most diabolical. The wicked American stepmother, the fearful step-children, the daugher-in-law deperate to get her husband away from the clutches of his mother. All colliding in the heat and sunshine of the Middle East.

Throw in a French psychologist; a young English woman who has just gotten her degree in psychology and perhaps thinks she knows more about people than she does; and, an American who is in love with the daughter-in-law!

I don't even know who gets killed yet, I am only a few chapters in, but surely it is the evil Mrs. Boynton. She used to be a wardress at a prison and seems to relish in causing pain to others, especially her family.

As usual, many twists and turns are ahead before M. Poirot will tell all 'who done it.' What a lark.

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