Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Tea

Spent the morning reading. 18 Bookshops is turning out to be a nice history of books and bookshops. The Happiness Project for February is Marriage. April is Parenting. Two areas I don't have to worry about upping my happiness in. Not Applicable.

But March is Aim Higher. It is about work happiness. Start a blog; enjoy the fun of failure; ask for help; work smart; enjoy now.

Since I started this blog two weeks ago, I am ahead of the game. And I have been looking at my work practices (I am a freelance journalist who works from home) and going back to January, Do It Now seems to be the perfect mantra.

Instead of letting deadlines overwhelm me, enjoy now is what I remind myself to do. I don't think I can improve on Rubin's suggested actions.

Had two friends over for tea. A little taste of Downton Abbey, which of course we discussed, along with books. I do find stopping at 3 or 3:30 for a spot of tea or espresso and a little nibble of something sweet to be absolutely the most civilized action I can take to make me happy.

A scrumptious Sunday.

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