Thursday, January 19, 2012

I need a Nook for my Nook

I have been thinking about my Nook Color lately. I bought it for myself last March as a birthday present. At the time I wasn't living in my house because I was in the middle of a remodelling project and was staying with a friend and her family on a farm.

I would normally leave the farm about noon and come check on the contractors (who rarely showed up when they said they would). I spent a lot of time killing time and having an e-library with me was wonderful.

And now I am home. I have only bought one book for the Nook. All the other ones are free classics as that is what I enjoy reading. I forget I have them.

I can look around me and see three bookcases full of books, a pile of art books on a stool, a chair full of library books, and, on the table next to me,  a scattering of books that I am reading.

And there is the Nook also. I know there are books between its covers (I bought a lovely tri-fold leather case for it) but I miss seeing them. I don't think to pick up the Nook Books. Out of sight, out of mind?

Where does one keep an e-reader? In the bookcase? On the desk? By the reading chair?

Where do you keep your Nook or Kindle?

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