Saturday, November 3, 2012

Read This! postponed

Carmichaels's Bookstore
featured in Read This!
I headed out to Carmichael's Bookstore to pick up the copy of Read This! Handpicked Favorites from America's Indie Booksellers that I had on hold. And therein lies the tale...

I browsed a bit in the store and then went to the counter to get my copy of the book. No problem. I took it with me next door to the coffee shop and as I was waiting for the barista to froth my latte, I carefully paged through the little red book. To my chagrin, on the title page there was a handwritten inscription. 


I finally deciphered the writing and saw that it was signed 'For Michael' by  Hans Weyandt the fellow who put this book of lists together. Michael is the owner of Carmichael's and his pick of the 50 books that he loves to hand-sell is included in the book. There was a personal note as well, so after I got my coffee I headed back to the bookstore. 

Unfortunately for me, the only other copy of Read This! in stock was the counter copy that had been manhandled and thumbed through and was not in pristine condition which is how I like my books to be. 


Jay, the nice clerk, called their other store and a copy is on its way to me either tomorrow or Monday. A disappointment for sure but something to look forward to another day.

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