Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Royal Purse

The Queen and her Royal Purse

The contents of The Queen's handbag have long been speculated upon and discussed. I for one think Her Majesty's affinity for carrying a Royal Purse is endearing and is such a lady-like thing to do. Where would we women be without our pocketbooks?

Now The Queen's secret is out. According to the delightful novel I am reading, Mrs. Queen Takes the Train by William Kuhn, this is what she carries with her: 

A starched handkerchief. A lipstick. A pair of white kid gloves. A fountain pen. A small box of wooden safety matches. A compact mirror. A laminated miniature calendar from the Racing Post listing the year's Bank Holidays. A small bottle of perfume. And a rabbit's foot.

I think that is just about perfect, Mr. Kuhn. I especially like the inclusion of the safety matches. One never knows when one might need to light an imperial fire.

If I were Keeper of the Royal Purse, I would be tempted to drop a mint or two into The Queen's bag. I am sure her mouth gets dry at all the celebrations and openings she attends. I would definitely add a purse hook to insure her bag never, ever touches the floor at those stately dinners. And of course, a doggie treat or two, for one never knows when a canine guest might scamper into the room.

As for me, I carry a small, black shoulder bag. It is a Baggallini that I bought for a trip to Paris and I liked it so much I just continue to use it every day. It has one compartment that holds a fountain pen, a red coin purse, a small bottle of hand sanitizer (in lieu of white kid gloves), a business card holder, a tube of Revlon lip conditioner (I don't wear lipstick), and a pocket tape measure. Another compartment carries my Italian leather money clip, one credit card, my driver's license, and a tin of peppermint Altoid Smalls (for use at all those celebrations and openings I'm required to attend...).

Another zippered pocket holds a travel-size tube of hand lotion, an emery board, and a tiny pocket knife. Finally, there is a zippered pocket to hold my purse hook. (This is how I know The Queen would benefit from having one.)

Long live The Queen and her Royal Purse.

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