Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Miscellany of Bookish Links

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This is Independent Booksellers Week in the United Kingdom. Here is a link to some of the happenings there...and don't I wish I had a plane ticket in hand to whisk me into London to offer my support.

Independent Booksellers Week UK

Design Observer, a graphic design website, has chosen its 2012 winners in the 50 Books 50 Covers contest. I wasn't impressed with many of them, but here is the link and you can see for yourself:

On the website Thought Catalog, Ryan Holiday wrote a piece on How to Read More -- A Lot More. He looks at Time, Money, and Purpose. 

He makes the following parenthetical statement that made me gasp:

(One related note: I don't check books out from the library and haven't since I was a child. (He is all of 26 years old.) This isn't like renting a mindless movie. You should be keeping the books you read for reference and for re-reading. If you are OK giving the books back after two weeks you might want to examine what you are reading.)

What do you think about that? He may have a point, but I would never stop availing myself of library books!

And speaking of libraries, if you haven't read yesterday's post about just books vs. a personal library, click over and do join in the conversation.


  1. I'm constrained by space and cost (books are expensive in Australia, even second-hand, as postage is also costly!), and also I don't believe I need to keep a book necessarily. If it proves very important to me, yes, I will buy a copy of a library book for 'keeps'. But one can't judge all books equally, as this writer does.

    1. I agree, Vicki. Not every book I read contains deep thoughts or is life-changing. I like to read light mysteries and once the puzzle is solved there is no reason to return again to that book. I think the library is a wonderful source for trying out different subjects and authors and refining one's taste and interests. All for free...and we love free!

  2. The Library holds a special place in my life and memory. With the magic of Inter-Library Loan policy being in a remote location allows me to access so many books, and like Vicki I regularly "test" read and then get my own copy. I recall getting my first library card (I had to be sponsored if I can recall correctly), It was a magical place with the ever-present "silence" signs, the smell of leather, wood and contemplation. The check-out desk/counter I could barley reach and the Librarian (always female) looking down from an auspices height, with the date stamp hovering, she was my hero! Back on the bus to return home with an armful of books with a unique joy that has rarely been replicated in my adult life. The bus-stop and the library located within spitting distance of Bram Stoker's family home, how could I not feel special, I was a reader and a Library member!!
    The Library so special and yet so underappreciated. We must be vigilant as the current trend, especially in the UK, is to closure of libraries in certain locations, what a horrible thought.

    1. I grew up checking out books from the library's bookmobile. It came around our street once a month or so. It was lovely to climb on board and make my selections.

      Our library system here seems to be thriving thanks to a brilliant director. As a matter of fact, it just broke ground on a new 40,000-square-foot branch that should be finished next year. There are 18 locations and all have programs galore. This year, those children who complete the summer reading requirement, ten books, get a sign to display in their front yard: A Library Champion Lives Here!