Friday, June 21, 2013

A Revolution Visits the Library

Joseph J. Ellis
Historian and author
Photo source: Belle

Last night the library hosted an author event with Joseph J. Ellis who has a new book out about the founding of America: Revolutionary Summer.

This book, I believe it is the author's ninth, takes a look at the summer of 1776 that pitted the minds of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and others against the British troops sent to quell the rebellious colonists. It has already hit The New York Times Best Seller List. 

The event had to be held in the main lobby of the library as more than 500 people came to hear Mr. Ellis. He spoke for almost 45 minutes and then took questions from the gathering for another 30 minutes. He autographed books after that. He was very generous with his time and knowledgeable about his subject. 

He is quite engaging with a good sense of humor. He has made America's revolutionary period his area of expertise and has written not only about the times but the main players as well. He has penned  biographies of Jefferson, Washington, and Abigail and John Adams.

I recently bought a used copy of his Pulitzer Prize-winning
Founding Brothers in preparation for hearing him speak and have made a good start on it. Mr. Ellis has an easy style and is a captivating storyteller. You can see a little bit that I wrote about it here.

I am always happy to attend these events sponsored by the library and feel very fortunate to live in a city that believes books and reading are important. 


  1. I attend these book/author events whenever I can as well, Belle. They have always been exciting, inspiring, and I often come home with an autographed copy. As I mentioned earlier, this book is on my list.

    1. Isn't it wonderful to have access to events such as this! I am always so entertained and sometimes in awe that I actually get to meet, or at least see, a 'famous' author. Makes my day, Penny!

  2. I, too, love literary events. I have enjoyed biographies of the Founding Fathers, and this sounds fascinating.

    1. Hi Kat. James M. McPherson, another historian, will be speaking in town this week but unfortunately I won't be able to attend that event. His new book is about the naval battle of the Civil War. So much fighting!