Friday, September 20, 2013

Listening In

Max and Agatha

In my research on Agatha Christie and her archaeological interests, I came across this five minute interview on the BBC with her husband Sir Max Mallowan. In it he tells how they met, talks a bit about experiences with her at work in the field, and lets the listener in on some of the ways she worked.

The interview took place in 1977 after Christie's death. It is always fascinating to hear the actual voice of someone that I have come to know through writings.

Sir Max Mallowan

Among others, there is also a three minute recording from 1955 with Dame Agatha herself in which she claims that she owes her writing career to the fact that she was 'gloriously idle' as a child and had to entertain herself with making up stories. 

Dame Agatha Christie

Here is your chance to listen in....


  1. How amazing to hear her speak. Thank you for those links!

    1. Aren't these great! They both sound so very British even though their voices are a little high-pitched!