Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Five Gifts for Readers

Here are five suggestions for gifts for readers in your life. Tomorrow I will feature five more. I would highly recommend buying one or two for yourself. I plan to.

A Magnifying Glass 
I like the rectangular
 shape of this one from World Market.

A Book Bag
Preferably one from a local, independent bookstore.
$10 to $20

Library Stand
A Library Stand
This one comes from the shop at Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello.

A Floor Reading Lamp
I happen to have this goose-neck KVART lamp from Ikea. I love it because I can position the light exactly where I want it.

A Pillow Prop
I have already written (here) about the many plusses of this pyramid reading pillow from Levenger.


  1. What a magnificent library stand. I think that is possibly the best museum souvenir I've ever seen!

    1. I heartily agree, Vicki. The glass shelves and the open woodwork make this a stunning piece.The library stand is a bargain at $330. (I added the price to it and the other items.) Makes me want to pack up my car, drive to Monticello, and buy it! It is only an eight-hour drive. I could do it in a weekend! Plus I would get the chance to tour Monticello which I have never done.