Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gifts for Readers - Part Two

A continuation of yesterday's list - another five suggestions for gifts for the readers in your life (including you). 

Space Dyed Cotton Throw

A Cotton Throw
For keeping snug while reading a favorite book.
This selection is from

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A Fountain Pen
For taking notes - I am partial to Waterman fountain pens. The above Perspective Blue Fountain Pen can be found at 
On sale! $120

Medium Wrap Journal

A Leather Journal
Just the ticket for keeping track of Books Read and Books to be Read.

These elegant marble lions are Patience and Prudence who grace the entrance to the New York Public Library.

Well-Read Women
by Samantha Hahn
Lovely watercolor portraits of some of our favorite literary heroines from Holly Golightly to Nancy Drew. At your nearby independent bookstore.

Do you have any other suggestions? I am sure we can all think of many items for our wish list.
Happy shopping!


  1. Both lists had some great suggestions! I'm coveting Levenger's book weight. Oh, and last year I bought their Book Note bookmarks--I love them. You can never have too many bookish gifts!

    1. Great ideas, Kathy. I looked at the bookmarks - what a wonderful way to begin a card catalog of one's library.