Thursday, February 16, 2012

Armchair Travel

I am so enjoying Journeys by Jan Morris. She really captures the atmosphere of a city: its people, history, foibles and fables. I know she has written many books about her travels and I think my next choice will be Destinations: essays from the Rolling Stone published in 1980. She even has a biography of Abraham Lincoln. That one surprised me.

Reading her thoughts and comments on cities I have visited and ones I might not even think to visit gives me a feeling of just how large and how varied the world is. It is too bad that traveling has become such a chore. Really, just trying to get around my hometown has gotten difficult. Traffic delays, road closures, and we have one of three bridges over our lovely river closed. That has definitely put a damper on things.

I think for the time being, at least until I begin my Grand Southern Tour,  I will stick to traveling via my armchair.

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