Thursday, February 9, 2012

Book Club

I am not a book club type of person. I attended a book discussion once at the public library but there was too much talking about non-book things. Plus, it was my first time at the meeting, I hadn't had time to read the book, Anna Karenina, and the ending was spoiled for me. Sigh.

Since then, when someone approaches me about joining their book club it is always with the disclaimer that "we usually end up just sitting around drinking wine and talking." Like that is supposed to entice me?

Anyway, I learned about Hulu's web series "Book Club" on Frisbee: A Book Journal  (here) and gave it a look. This is the link  - Book Club. The pilot is only 13 minutes long and some of the episodes are a mere four minutes long. My kind of program. Anyway, the group is made up of many misfits (of course) and you can see for yourself if this is your kind of club. I am not sure if it is mine. At least if I get bored with the chatter I can turn it off.

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