Monday, February 20, 2012

The Leavenworth Case

The Leavenworth Case is the book I picked up Saturday at the library. It is a mystery written by Anna Katherine Green (1846-1935) in 1878. Green was one of the authors in the Victorian Women in Crime book and this library copy has an introduction by Michael Sims who was the editor of that book.

Within a couple of paragraphs we learn that Mr. Leavenworth, a wealthy citizen of the town, has been found shot in his locked library. Two nieces live in the house along with the butler, Thomas;  a cook and a housemaid; and, Mr. Leavenworth's secretary, Harwell.  All were in the house the night of the murder. Not only was the library locked from the inside but the house was locked as well.

We learn at the inquest (which oddly enough was held the morning of the discovery of the body and the jury was made up of fellows brought in from the street) that one of the nieces inherits everything while the other gets nothing.

Motive anyone?

This book was Green's first and made her quite famous. (Here)  If your library doesn't have a copy, it is on Google books and Kindle for free. On Nook it will cost you 99 cents. I discovered that there was a movie made of the mystery in 1936 which would be interesting to watch but I don't find that it is on DVD.

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