Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Millions, the movie

Am catching up on my Movies From Books watching. Last night found me in England on the eve of the pound sterling being phased out and the euro coming in. Damain and his brother find a bag full of pounds that was part of a train robbery of money being sent to the incinerator because it would soon be worthless.

Damian, who studies and see saints, wants to give the money to the poor. He thinks the money came from God. His brother, Anthony, wants to spend it as fast as they can. Or at least invest it in real estate.

Their mother is dead. Dad isn't told about the money because, as Anthony tells Damian, "the government will take 40 percent of it."

The movie is as bright and shiny as the book by Frank Cottrell Boyce. There wasn't a false note in it. The actor, Alex Etel, who played the young Damian was brilliant. There is music and madness and haloed saints and birds being set free. There is even a donkey that gets to ride on a bus.

Well, you will just have to see it. I think the movie captures all the sweetness and the moral conundrums of the book.

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