Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Reader Diagnostic Guide

Interior with artist's daughter
Vanessa Bell
Cornflower Books alerted me to this book reader diagnostic guide on The Atlantic Wire. Oh my. So many to choose from.

What kind of book reader am I? Well, I am definitely not The Hate Reader, The Chronological Reader, or The Book-Buster. And no way am I The Anti-Reader.

I find that I am a combination of The Delayed Onset Reader #1, The Bookophile, and The Multi-Tasker with a healthy dose of The Book Snob and The Devoted Reader.

What this all means is that I buy books that I don't always read right away. I love the touch, smell, and sight of books. I am probably reading more than one book at different times of the day and evening (non-fiction in the morning, a mystery before bedtime). I am hard to impress (you won't catch me reading Shades of Gray -- heck I can barely bring myself to even type the title!) and I respect my favorite authors and know they won't disappoint.

The descriptions of the types of reader are very clever and spot on. There are even suggestions for books that will appeal to each type of reader.

Take a look and let me know: What Type of Reader Are You?


  1. Your combination is a good one, Belle!

  2. I don't think I quite fit any of these types but am probably kind of like you. I'm a promiscuous reader, many books going on at one time, and I finish the best of them!

  3. Mad Housewife,
    Thanks for stopping by. I have many books going at one time and many more books waiting to be read. It is difficult to keep up. Fortunately, I have learned that I don't have to finish a book that I have started if I don't like it and can now joyfully let it go for one that engages me.