Friday, September 21, 2012

A September Stroll and a Mystery

I am having some issues with Blogger. I can only compose in HTML and I have no idea how to format any of the text (bold, italics) or insert images. Sigh. It is always something with technology.

Anyway, I will continue on with an account of my days in London on this date a decade ago.

21 September 2002

A stroll from our hotel (The Lime Tree Hotel on Ebury Street) down past the Chelsea Physic Garden, then along Cheyne Walk, the Thames sliding by on our left, past the house where George Eliot died in 1880, and up the King's Road. We ducked in and out of vintage clothing stores, Marks and Spencer, and had lunch in an Italian bistro. Just a relaxing couple of hours before we had to get ready for The Theatre. We had tickets to Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" in St. Martin's Theatre just off Charing Cross Road. I had seen this play on my first trip to London but to Dame Agatha's credit (or my approaching senility) I didn't remember 'who done it'.

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