Saturday, September 15, 2012

Village Lights Bookstore

The Twain Room with its grand piano
at Village Lights Bookstore
Another weekend adventure. A road trip to Madison, Indiana, a small historic town located on the Ohio River. Lots of little shops and art galleries. I spent some time in one of the galleries. There were many oils, acrylics, watercolors, potteries, and wooden pieces on display -- all part of a regional artist show. It was nice to see all that talent in one place.

I also visited the locally owned bookstore - Village Lights Bookstore. (Get it? City Lights? Village Lights?) VL is a wonderful shop located right on Main Street with polished wooden floors, high ceilings, and two cats: Oscar Wilde and Grrrtrude Stein.

In the Twain Room, which is dominated by a grand piano - think extra display surface - are the non-fiction titles and a small art gallery. The fiction is shelved in the front of the store. Upstairs are biographies (I didn't make the trek). There is a small children's section and a fine display of regional authors' books.

The store is owned by Nathan and Anne. Anne told me that the store hosts poetry readings once a month, author signings and readings, and live music performances. Unfortunately, none of those were happening today.

I browsed for a bit but nothing caught my fancy. Maybe I was thinking of all the stacks of books back home that are waiting to be read.

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