Monday, January 7, 2013

A Change of Plan

I checked out of the library and was going to start reading the third Vish Puri mystery, The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken by Tarquin Hall. But, I cannot bring myself to do that.

These mysteries, which are quite entertaining, take place in India. Because of the recent cases there of violence against women, I just don't want to be reminded about that country right now 

So, last night at 10, I downloaded from the library (I love this service!), Nobody's Perfect by Donald Westlake. This is the fourth John Dortmunder caper. Dortmunder, professional thief, has been hired by Arnold Chauncey, art collector, to steal one of his paintings so he can collect on the insurance. Chauncey needs the money. So does Dortmunder. He agrees to do the job and gathers his crew in the back room of the O.J. Bar & Grill to talk over the plan. 

Knowing Dortmunder, one plan won't be enough. I wonder what pitfalls Mr. Westlake has in store for the gang this time. I am sure there will be many and I will be laughing all the way.

Just the right book to read at night in bed.


  1. I love art theft mysteries! One of my favorites is not a mystery: it's a novel by Katharine Weber about an art theft. Too bad I can't remember the title.

    I do want to try Westlake's books. I know you've recommended them before.

    1. I just heard today about Daniel Silva who writes about an art restorer and crime solver (or maybe he is a spy). Surely there are some art thefts in those books. Anyway, Silva is going on my list and I will hunt down the Weber book. Thanks, Kat.