Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Library Champion Lives Here!

The public library here, to promote Summer Reading, is awarding any child (up to grade 5) who reads ten books a sign for his or her front yard that proclaims: 

A Library Champion Lives Here! 

Isn't that great! What a wonderful way to let the neighborhood know that there is a kid on the street who reads. I see signs popping up in yards all over the city.

We have a large library system here - 18 branches - so that means lots and lots of children are exposed to the program.

The library encourages kids to have their pictures taken by the sign and then those photos are posted on the library's website. In the photos, the children all look so happy and proud...as well they should.

This year the summer reading program, which began at the library in the 1950s, is called Build Your Brain - Read. Each child gets a card to keep track of and record the titles of the books read. Not only do the 'brainy' participants get the yard sign, they receive a 'thinking cap' and passes to city sites and events such as the Science Center and the Planetarium.  My eye was caught by another prize: a coupon for a free Wendy's Frosty.

Gee. I may have to sign up!

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