Friday, July 19, 2013

The (Oh So Dead) Lady in the Lake

Photograph:VisitBritain/Rod Edwards/Getty Images

I hope I have found a new mystery writer to follow. I downloaded from the library the first in the DS Peter Diamond series written by Peter Lovesey.

The Last Detective (1991) opens with the discovery of the dead body of a woman floating in a lake near Bristol. At first, no one can identify her and she becomes known as The Lady in the Lake. 

The blurb on Amazon states that in order to solve the mystery, Detective Superintendent Diamond must find two missing letters attributed to Jane Austen.

Really!? Another Austen connection? I didn't know about that until after I had downloaded this mystery. Now it seems as if Our Jane is following me everywhere...

Anyway, I have barely begun DS Diamond's adventure but I love   an old-fashioned British police procedural. I am sure we will get   along just fine. 

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