Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July is sand and sea and warm blue days...

Pigeons on a Telephone Wire
Photo image by Ari
Month by month, I have enjoyed reading along with Jean Hersey in her book The Shape of a Year (1967). Here are some of her observations on July:

This is such a deliciously free and lovely time of year. So few clothes, so few deadlines, so few commitments of any kind. It is truly a month of freedom.

Even the birds, so earnestly filled with householding and launching new families last month, now gather nonchalantly on the light wires -- there may be seven or thirteen together. No longer do they fly in pairs, but in small flocks dart here and swoop there with carefree air and no pressing purpose. Perhaps it is a holiday time for them too. We no longer hear the rich melodious early morning symphonies of last month, but instead casual, intermittent music rings forth at any time of day, just as we, when filled with the joy of the moment, spontaneously whistle a gay little tune, or break into song.

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