Monday, November 11, 2013

A Progress Report

What I am reading now:

Carl Sandburg Home - The Official Historic Site Handbook:
This was a pleasant surprise. The text of this this book, about Connemara, the home of the poet and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, is written by Paula Steichen, Sandburg's granddaughter. Lots of insight into the writer and his family.

The Bedside Guardian 28 (1978-1979) - introduced by John Cleese:
I love this collection of articles, profiles, and reviews published in the British newspaper, The Guardian. Even the stories about rugby or politics I find to be so well written that they are a pleasure to read even though I am not quite sure what is going on. 

Hit List by Lawrence Block: 
Professional hit man Keller is back. In this second book of tales from the world of the stamp-collecting killer for hire, an unknown rival is out to eliminate his competition. Keller, it turns out, is on that guy's Hit List.

What I just finished reading:

My Connemara by Paula Steichen:
A sweet look at life growing up in the household with her grandfather Carl Sandburg. I will write about this soon.

Bloodhounds by Peter Lovesey:
This is the fourth in the series about police detective Peter Diamond of Bath. This is an especially entertaining one as The Bloodhounds are a group of mystery novel fans who get together to discuss crime writers and their books. That is, until the real-life, locked-room murder of one of the members happens. It was fun to mark Lovesey's many, many references to authors, book titles, and fictional detectives. 

The Frozen Thames by Helen Humphreys:
See my review here.

What I will probably read next:
I have two Bill Bryson books, At Home and A Short History of Nearly Everything to begin. And a P.G. Wodehouse, Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit which I bought on my recent book-buying spree. These should keep me laughing for a bit.

 What does your progress report look like?


  1. "The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas" is a novel by Brazilian author Joaquim Machado de Assis i ordered via our Inter-library loan system so as I have only 2 weeks to read it and while its not long 200 pages its thought provolking and needs digestion., Its an autobiography of a fictional dead writer (writen when he is deceased....!!). I was propted by reading Alberto Maguel's "A Reading Diary: A Passionate Reader's Reflections on a Year of Books". For a break now and then and I can hear you say "your going to need it!"....i have a light diversion with Bill Bryson's "Notes from a Small Island". I have to put aside "Shakespeare The Thinker" by A.D. Nuttall for a few days and concentrate on "Bras Cubas". I have the bad (?) habit of not being able to have just one book on the go at a time, i need variety at each elbow, often too many for my own comfort. So many books...etc etc.,

    1. Tullik, you have set quite a task for yourself! I too have multiple books going at one time and the ones you are reading sound fascinating. I really enjoyed Bryson's 'Notes'. It was the first one of his that I ever read and it made me a big fan! The' Bras Cubas' book sounds intriguing and you have mentioned 'A Reading Diary' before as it is on my TBR list...along with many others. Thanks for the update!

  2. Can't resist a good progress report... I'm currently reading No Name by Wilkie Collins, Against Wind and Tide (a collection of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's diaries and letters) and What Horses Reveal. Oh, and Across the Common by Elizabeth Berridge. I almost always have at least two books in progress. I'm not sure what I'll read next, but it has to be from my unread stash because it is taking over my closet!

    1. Kathy, you have some good ones going there - none of which I have read. Although, anything by Anne Morrow Lindbergh is bound to be great. And I looked up the Berridge book and it seems intriguing. Love those British writers!

      Thanks for your comments.